Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fruit and Vital Signs

I’m getting more and more adjusted to the time change I think. I didn’t crash last night until 10. I did, however, get up at 5...  My bananas were calling. 
We went to the market yesterday! I loved it! There is so much food at the market! Fruit, rice, meat, you name it! I forgot to take my camera so no pictures this time, but I’ll remember to take it next time. It doesn’t smell the best, but it’s the only place you can get four avocados for less than a dollar!

We also toured the clinic yesterday afternoon. That was pretty cool. I got to see the prenatal and postpartum rooms as well as the birth room! There were no babies yet, just a couple of women in labor. But I start my shifts in the clinic in two weeks so I’m sure there will be some babies then! I can’t wait!

I took my first real shower here last night. It was pretty nice. There’s not a lot of water pressure, but it’s better than nothing! It was warm too! For the first half at least. Then, without warning, it switched to cold... I didn’t mind too much though, it was warm enough outside that the cool water felt really good. 
Here is my address here so you can send me stuff! 
Ashton Crain
Mercy Maternity
Po. Box 81227
Davao City 8000

Ashton Crain
Mercy Maternity Center
#10 First Opal Street
Near Corner Veloso/Dacudao
Agdao/Obrero, Davao City 8000

I love stuff of all kinds! Big stuff, little stuff, fluffy stuff! I can find clothes here just fine, but if you can figure out a way to send me cheese without it going bad that would be pretty awesome. Cheese is pretty expensive here... I can’t think of anything that I really need right now, but you can send me just about anything and I’ll be pretty happy about it. Letters too! I love getting letters! Even if it’s just a line and a doodle!

Well I’ve got to go. I’ve got class in about 15 minutes. We’re taking blood pressure and vitals and such! Wish me luck! Much Love!

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