Monday, July 12, 2010

As of today...

Well I’ve got all my medical supplies ordered and they are all now at my house. My purple stethoscope doesn’t work very well so I am very disappointed and have to use my mom’s red one instead. But it’s better than nothing! All’s I have left to do is a little shopping and packing. My room is slowly being converted into my mom’s office. I’m sleeping on a futon next to her desk. My bookcase is devoid of Ted Dekker and Robin McKinley. Instead it is filled with paperwork and housing stuff. I’m living out of a cardboard box, until I get out a suitcase to put my clothes in. Everything has been sold or packed away. 
My hours at work got cut, but I’ve picked up a side job or two so I’m still making a little money. Not as much as I would like, but every little bit helps. I’m trying to use my extra time to write book reports. I’ve never really liked writing book reports so it’s been a struggle. I can read the book in half a day and have absorbed most of the information in it, but if you ask me to write a paper on it... It’s like pulling teeth. However, I am getting them done. I’ll have eight done by the time I leave. 
It’s just under a month before I leave. My church is having a commissioning service for me on the 25th, and the youth are throwing me a going away barbecue on the 30th. That’s probably the last time I’ll get to see them before I leave...