Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back in Davao...

I figure it’s about that time again... Let me see, what’s happened in the last two months? 
Drove me a lot crazy actually
I went home for a month and as some of you know, my time there was very good. Had a rather unexpected thing happen, but it was a very good kind of unexpected. To elaborate a bit, I’m no longer single! (I’m a little excited about it)
For those of you who haven’t heard the story, here’s the long and short of it. Robert and I were friends before I left. He’s the worship leader at my church. I liked him, but was ok with being his friend if nothing else. He wasn’t sure how he felt about me. I mean, he liked me, but was a little weirded out by the age difference. He just turned 27 and I’m almost 21. So we kept it pretty platonic for awhile. Sure, there was some flirting, but I could never tell if it was just good natured teasing on his part, or if there was something more there. And it drove me a little crazy. 
A few weeks after I got to Davao, he asked me if I would do some album art for the cd his band was releasing (By the way, go buy it! Link) So I did, as you can see on the lovely album cover in the link there... And he told me I owed him big time. I told him he owed me dinner when I got home. 
So here I pause to explain myself a little bit. I’ve been accused, several times now, of plotting. I promise, there was far less plotting than there may seem. I really simply wanted to get to hang out with him when I got home. There was a tiny, hopeful part of me that said, “Hey it’d be cool if this turned into something more.” But I wasn’t getting my hopes up.
So I got home and went to church that Sunday and Robert came and leaned on the wall next to me and said, “Hey! I owe you dinner!” 
And I said, “Yes, yes you do.”
Long story short, we went to dinner. And God saw it fit to delve into that quiet, secret little corner of my heart and dinner turned into dinner and a movie. And dinner and a movie very decidedly turned into a date.
Here’s a picture of us:
Ain't we cute?
He’s coming to visit me in December and I’m super excited! 
Anyways, I’m back in Davao now. I’m officially in my second year and all the babies I catch now count as catches. I’ve caught two babies since I’ve been back. All the second years are leaving in the next couple of weeks and then the new first years get here soon after that. I’ll be getting two new room mates. 
There really hasn’t been all that much going on here since I got back. It’s been a lot of the same stuff. Catching babies, working on assignment. I’m just hoping that this year goes as fast as last year did. I’m looking forward to being done with school.
As always, thanks for your prayers and support! Mail of any kind is always welcome! 

The face I make when the post parakeet comes...