Sunday, November 18, 2012



I said I was going to start blogging regularly again... haha... yeah... 

Let me see... life since August. Things have actually been going really well. School’s been going well. I’ve been passing all my tests so that’s really reassuring. I’ve also gotten to go to two more births! I know that three births in three months really isn’t very many compared to the Philippines (4-5 a week) but it’s been good. I’ve really enjoyed the environment here and getting to see the differences and similarities of birth here and there. 

It’s looking like I’ll be done with the academic portion of school in January. It’ll be so nice to have that done with! Then I just have clinical numbers to finish up, so if you know anyone in the Fort Mill area who’s pregnant and due before May please send them my way! It would be super helpful!

As far as life and my emotional state... I’ve been doing much better. I cry a lot less. Haha. I’ve also started making friends! Yay for friends. I’ve been going to a new church called Renovatus. It’s been good for me. The first service I went to the worship leader played an accordion and the pastor used the word arduous. Those of you who know me well that these facts pretty much solidified my like of the church. 

I’ve only been four times but I’ve really been getting involved. I’m now on the safety team. I get to stand outside and wave at people as they park (It’s cold send gloves!) And today I met a bunch of people from the young adults group called Dust. They were so warm and friendly! It’s so nice to be accepted into a group so quickly. We all went out to Thai food. (Mhhhhhhh curry) And they were all pretty much down with giving me a ride so that’s good! I’m really excited to get more involved and make some good friends. I feel like a good, solid support group would do me good right now. 

Also, I cut my hair! I’ve been debating over cutting it since I got home and finally I just went ahead and did it. I missed having short hair. I honestly wanted to go even shorter than I did, but I realized that since it’s winter, I’d freeze if I cut it as short as I wanted. So come this spring I think I’ll go even shorter but for now, this works. 

Anyways, I just thought I’d give you all a quick update. Thanks so much for your prayers!