Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I can't count them on one hand anymore!

I should be a good little missionary and write another blog. But the 20 something in me is going through bed withdrawals. I’ve had a lot of day shifts lately...
But I’m going to be good and write a blog.
So. Since my last post I’ve caught a total of seven babies. Yep! Seven. 4 girls and 3 boys. My first baby, Ashley Mae is four weeks old already! Crazy stuff!
I’ve only got a few pictures. I’m sure I’ll have more next month... I’m terrible at remembering to bring my camera to shift...
I’m going on outreach in January! I’m really excited for that! I’ll be out in the villages in the mountains doing health teachings, giving immunizations, and anything else that needs to be done!
And after that my mommy is coming to visit! I can’t wait to see her! I miss her lots!
I learned to catheterize a few days ago, not that you needed to know that. But I thought it was pretty cool. I always like learning new things, even if it’s small. 
Actually, that was on my 7th birth. Which was fairly interesting anyways. There were only 5 of us on shift, one of us was gone transporting a woman with mumps. And two women were giving birth at the same time. So everyone was in the cubical of the woman who was farther along. I was with my patient who was wanting to push. I looked at her and said, “Do not push. Just keep breathing. There are not enough people here right now so I just need you to breathe.”
She did really well following my directions. But in between contractions she’d look at me and say “Where are the people? Where are they?” In this desperate voice.
“They’ll be here soon.” I’d reassure her. “You are doing so well!” She really was.
Finally, the supervisor who’d been transporting came back and my laborer was able to push. Her water hadn’t broken so the bow (Bag Of Waters) was bulging out with each contraction. The baby’s head was almost crowning. I just knew I was going to get splashed. My supervisor looked at me and asked if I wanted to break the bag so that I wouldn’t get wet. I was all for that. So we placed a towel over the bow and pinched enough to tear a small hole so that the water would leak out.
The baby was right there. As the head was crowning, I told the mother to just breathe and to Ha, much like in my first birth. She breathed the head out so smoothly and with so much control. I was so proud of her!
 The head was out with the next contraction. I slipped my fingers into the woman’s vagina to check if the cord was wrapped around the baby. It wasn’t. So I gripped the baby at the shoulders and pulled with an up and down motion, wiggling the baby out as the mother pushed. The healthy baby girl came out with no problem at all. 
The woman only had a tiny skin split on the sides of her vaginal walls. We didn’t have to suture at all!
She named the baby Precious Rheyann. 
It was a great birth.
I also want to thank everyone who’s been sending me packages and letters! I appreciate them so much! Sometimes just a simple letter makes my whole day so much better! Especially when it’s unexpected!
Here’s some pictures of Ashley Mae at her 3 week check. She’s getting so big!

And here is a picture of my first baby boy, Gleeven Jr. and his sweet mama